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                               Since TED is one of my favourite movies and is also one of the most searched after Titanic in the full movie keywords on Google, I thought I'd write a full story about it in my own words. I'll just tell you all about it instead of saying how much I like it.

A little background before the fun part
Ted is  a 2012 US comedy moving picture that was directed, co-produced and co-written by Seth MacFarlane, with Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis in leading roles. Joel McHale and Giovanni Ribisi were the other actors.
I find it hard to believe that this film is MacFarlane's very first moving picture as a director but he does a really good job at it. I didn't watch it first day first show but if I knew it was going to be so good I would have. After its release it then went on to become the twelfth highest-grossing film of the year, the highest-grossing R-rated film of the year, and also the highest-grossing original R-rated comedy of all time. The film additionally received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Seth MacFarlane proclaimed that there have been plans for a sequel.
Honestly, I can't wait for the sequel to come out.

How the full movie turns out, making me LOL

In Boston, Massachusetts of 1985, John airman is a lonely boy who cannot build any friends. One Christmas, he receives a plaything from his old friends and now grows connected to that. John names him Teddy, and desires one night that Teddy boy might be alive; inexplicably, a visible radiation passing overhead causes this thought to come back true and Teddy boy is alive the very next morning, abundant to the concern and ultimate jubilation of his John's Mom and dad. Thanks to his extraordinariness, Teddy boy becomes a star for a brief amount of time.

Twenty-seven years later in 2012, John works at a u-drive place and has a continued robust bond with Teddy boy that his girlfriend Lori does not like as she thinks their friendly relationship, which incorporates mass consumption of alcohol and medicines (cough cough...lol), is keeping John mentally a toddler. On their four year relationship day, John and Lori get through to seek out Teddy boy with a quintet of hookers; one among them having defecated on the ground during a game of Truth or Dare. This really pisses John's girlfriend off. You should see this scene, it is mighty hilarious. I really laughed out loud while I watched that scene.

Lori offers John an opportunity to prove he will live up as a grown up matured individual, and John relents. He goes ahead and assists Teddy boy to get housing and employment at a retail market. Ted wants to just buzz off from there and tries some really bad ass tactics. His rather crude and rash behaviour is praised by his manager and he's quickly promoted when having sex with a replacement cashier, Tami-Lynn, on shift. Their daily hangouts become frustrating to Lori as John uses excuses to chop out of his responsibilities and work early, therefore she offers him a final likelihood. Either stay with her or leave (This part gets a little emotional and serious. I prefer the rest of the movie to this.)
During a go into the park, Teddy boy and John are approached by a person named Donny and his overweight and impolite son Robert with a suggestion to shop for him from John that they refuse. Lori and John attend a celebration hosted by her really annoying boss Rex, whose crush on her is frustrating to both her and John. Teddy boy calls and tells John that Jones from Flash Gordon (their favourite childhood movie) is attending a party party at his house. John resists initially not eager to hurt Lori, however Teddy boy quickly convinces him to come back meet their childhood hero.
(I must stop here. I'm smiling right now thinking about how hard I laughed during this part of the movie. They were taking drugs and doing all kinds of stuff lol. You have to see this part.)

 Once there, John and Teddy boy drank many shots of alcohol and medicines (drugs), still as singing, however this escalates into a paw fight with Ted's Asian neighbour. John presently realizes the time however once he leaves; Lori comes in and tearfully breaks up with him, breaking John's heart. Realizing Ted's influence is responsible; he tells Teddy boy to remain off from him and goes away.

A week later, Rex, still following Lori asks her out on a date and she accepts, hoping to induce over John. Teddy boy involves John and when John provokes Teddy boy into a fight that ends with a lamp and TV falling on John, they reconcile, and choose to interrupt the Norah Jones concert that Lori is attending. (Boy, you should see the fight between the teddy and John. It feels so realistic.) John tries to sing a special song to her, during which he sings really badly, however Lori is touched by his try. John is then quickly booed off stage as Lori ends the date with Rex and returns home.

The next day, Teddy boy walks over to Lori at her place and tells her that John is lost and offers to depart forever if it might facilitate their happiness, and he tells her the full truth concerning what happened that night they were at Rex's. Lori considers this and leaves to fulfill John; however Teddy boy is shortly abducted by Donny and Robert. Taken to their home, Teddy boy discovers footage of himself on the wall, and Donny explains that he had seen Teddy boy before (a time once he was on TV throughout his celebrity) and had questioned his father into obtaining a bear.

 When he had refused, Donny reveals that he would ne'er say no to his son. Throughout Robert's play-time, Teddy boy has his ears ripped off, thanks to his foul mouth. He however tricks the boy into enjoying a game of hide and ask for, exploitation the distraction to staple his ear back on and decision John UN agency had reconciled with Lori, however he's caught by Donny. they're going to Donny's house to rescue Teddy boy. even as they're escaping with Teddy boy, Donny and Robert chase after that leads them to Fenway Park. Teddy boy is contused throughout the chase however manages to run. They both happen to climb up on one of the spotlight towers. Donny grabs Teddy boy by the foot and accidentally tears Teddy boy and he falls to the bowl floor. Donny escapes once the police show up as John and Lori frantically try and piece Teddy boy back along. He admits that the 2 of them want one another and have Teddy boy too, but tragically at that very moment Teddy dies because he is ripped off by Donny while they climb up the stadium poll.

Lori and John rush home, refusing to just accept his death, however they're unable to patch him up and settle for that he's gone. That night as John sleeps, Lori sees a visible radiation, and the following morning, Teddy boy is disclosed to be alive however manages to fool John into thinking he is retarded (lol....that part is also hilarious). John exclaims that Lori wanted Ted's life back and she wished for it back. John finally proposes to her, Teddy boy becomes the most effective man at their wedding whereas Jones who is their favourite movie actor presides over the service and Teddy boy finally realizes happiness among them.

What a cute movie! It has so much laughter and is perfect for teens. Make sure you watch it with your friends.

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